A Girl & Her Dog


A Romantic Comedy


A girl has her heart broken so many times she asks her best friend, Bud, her dog, to stop her from falling in love again.  When she meets the man of her dreams, Bud does anything and everything to prevent the relationship.

April and her dog Bud have a dysfunctional relationship.  She wakes up, he’s on the pillow next to her.  She pees.  He pees.  She’s eating, he’s eating at the table right next to her.  She brushes her teeth.  Then brushes his teeth, “now spit,” she tells him.  Then she finishes brushing her teeth with the same toothbrush. 

April can’t relate to men as well as she can to her dog. She expects men to act the way her dog does, i.e., love unconditionally, be loyal, obedient, and be completely faithful.  She chooses men like people buy a new car, by their features.  Her men must have good looks, a great job, be well dressed, and in fantastic shape.  She doesn't pay any attention to the person inside all those features.

She gets dumped by her latest boyfriend and tells Bud that if she ever falls for another man for him to stop her.  Bud agrees. 

Then she meets Kurt who is a dog photographer that never puts himself out there emotionally or artistically since he was destroyed by all his past girlfriends. 

Kurt’s fear of failure holds him back from what he really desires in his art as well as his relationship with women.  

But once Kurt and April meet, her dog Bud does everything to sabotage the relationship.  The first time Kurt comes to pick April up for a date, Bud growls and barks.  April says how strange that is… Bud usually loves everybody.  Kurt explains that the dog is just being protective of his territory. 

But not this dog.  Bud is on the war path doing everything in his power to prevent the relationship from happening.  He drags out old boyfriend photos, poops in Kurt’s shoes, gets the neighbor hood dogs to chase Kurt, harassing him at every turn.
They break up because Kurt wants a girl that loves dogs not a girl who’s IN love with her dog. And April finds out that Kurt photographed Bud in all sorts of ridiculous outfits to get back at him.  To April that’s too cruel. 

Later, April confesses to Bud that she’s in love with Kurt.  So Bud works to push them back together, just like he pulled them apart. 

Nothing working, Bud runs to Kurt's photography studio faking an injury to force Kurt to take him to the Vet and call April. 

In the end they get married, and Bud’s the ring barer.  When the preacher says if anyone objects to this marriage they all look to Bud.