Married in a "shot-gun wedding" to a 21-year-old at the age of 16, Mark Turner was a divorced father of two stabbed in the chest and left for dead at the age of 20.  This son of a drunkard son of a drunkard is nearly 20% Cherokee, 100% hillbilly, and lucky to be alive! 

A married father barely making it through high school, Mark attended classes full-time working three jobs to support his kids, and still made the Dean's list while earning a BA in TV & Film at the University of Missouri.  Mark's studies also included marketing and anthropology graduating just a few classes short of double minor. 

Turner’s storytelling career began as a Television Photojournalist creating numerous award-winning narrative vignettes garnering record high ratings and winning a spot news Emmy before joining Playhouse Pictures in Hollywood.  Working with the Woolery Brothers as an Animation Producer, Mark supervised the production of commercials from concept to air, writing and preparing scripts and supervising storyboard creation for a number of animated projects.

All the while, Mark continued learning the craft of writing at AFI (American Film Institute) as well as the writer's program at UCLA Extension.  To learn joke writing Mark spent two years writing and performing stand-up comedy before training in a “television writer’s room continuing workshop" for years with WGA writer, Sheree Guitar.  There he learned television structures, pitching, breaking stories, punching-up material, and judging the material with table reads. 

During this time, Mark wrote several evocative projects, including writing and directing his own critically acclaimed dark comedy,
“Take Care Of Daddy,” an Academy Award considered film, also featured in several film festivals including, Breckenridge Festival of Film, where it was an audience favorite.  In 1999 he was chosen as one of fXM Shorts', "Up & Coming Filmmakers of the Year." 

Today Mark’s written numerous television pilots and pitches for Disney Television Animation, and Johnny Depp's company, Infinitum Nihil, where he works with development executives creating original material. 

Mark’s screenplay,
“Joker & The Thief” was an Austin Film Festival 2010 Semi Finalist for the Latitude Award finishing in the top 12 out of thousands of submitted screenplays.

Lastly, Mark's turned his attention toward creating comic books with his NoSHE GoShe Comics label.