Pilot Episode:

Good People Get What They Deserve”


Two 21 year old college students, David and Jason’s schemes get them in trouble.  Desperate for money, David decides to make Corey Maggette of the Los Angeles Clippers punch him at Natalie’s party while Mike gets it all on tape.  Then Maggette will have to pay them off to keep it quite. 


It goes down, but Mike doesn’t get it on tape.  Jason jumps Maggette after he clocks David.  The fight is on until Viktor, Natalie’s father, stops it and threatens to have them arrested for extortion.  But Jason, using his persuasive fast talk, sways Viktor to take another route to deal with them. 


David and Jason have to work for Viktor’s company, Trust Financial.  While learning the ropes, they realize there is big money to be made.   But they have to complete one task; get a social security number to prove they can sell people on loans.  Jason ultimately gets a social security number without making any calls which allows them to pass the initial test.  But will it ultimately land him in hot water on Monday?


other episodes:


Mortgage 101

Shayna educates the boys on the mortgage business.  

Jason’s forced to deal with the consequences of the social he turned in.

David has to deal with paying off Dr. Craig.

Mike pays back David for stealing his fat chick.


First Taste

Jason finally turns an app into a deal.

MOE, the bank rep, takes out the Trust Financial workers for a lavish night on the town to celebrate. 

David challenges Tarik that Jason will pull in the hotter piece of tail that night.  Loser pays the winner a $1000.  Jason and David scheme with Jessica to take down Tarik. 

Mike runs his online poker winnings up to $10,000.  David comes home drunk and loses it all in a showdown with Phil Ivey.  The next day, David convinces Mike it’s a computer error. 


Processed Cheese

Jason and David are shown the A-Z of processing a loan.     

Mike finds out David did lose all his online poker money. 

Marquise, the dorm neighbor, introduces Mike to Estelle. 

Tarik plots with Viktor to get back at Jason. 

David makes up with Mike by getting him a “Craig’s list chick.”



Jason closes a loan.

David buys a Ferrari before he even gets his first paycheck! 

Natalie celebrates letting Jason finally “close the deal” with her.

Mike smashes Estelle after discovering she’s a freak. 

David’s loan doesn’t close.



Miguel introduces David to “The Guy” who helps “PhotoShop” documents to make his loan close. 

Jason punks Tarik.

Mike gets into the game joining the company. They punk him. 

Estelle breaks Mike’s heart. 


That’s How Legends Are Made

Jason makes his move on Viktor.

Mike has found his calling excelling at Mortgages, but is still upset over Estelle. 

David comes up with a sex move for Mike that will make him a legend on campus and help him get over Estelle.  They pay a girl to do, “The Foster’s Freeze” with Mike and tape it showing Mike’s prowess with women.  Girls line up to get Mike in the sack. 


The Test

Jason, Mike and David have to get their Real Estate license to make more money.  Shayna refers them to a teacher that can “help” them pass the test.  The boys are pissed they have to take more classes. 

The “teacher” just gives them the answers to the test.   They take the test.  Jason and Mike pass, but David fails the test even with the answers.  He goes back to the “teacher” and demands his money back. 

Estelle comes back to Mike because of the tape for one last fling giving him a threesome to remember.

David’s in debt and crashes his Ferrari before he makes the first payment.


DP Block Party

The guys throw a huge block party overlooking the beach to celebrate their success. 

David accidently sets himself on fire.

Jason tries to get Dr. Craig laid in exchange for a grade.

Shayna makes a move on Jason.

And if for some reason you don’t like what you’ve just read, then consider this…

All the main characters… are VAMPIRES!