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Big Phat Abe Lincoln Comic Book 
Issue #1 Completed!

More About the Comic

Big Phat Abe Lincoln issue #1, "Sex Slaves, Yo!" is the first comic in what we hope will be a series of books. Set in the 70s the story follows the adventures of Phat Abe and a bunch of dead presidents as LA cops chasing history's bad guys. 

The comic is a full color 70s satirical mini-series that delivers historical facts with a sardonic twist and comedic flare. It’s an over the top spoof of cheesy 70s cop shows and films.

Lincoln’s foil throughout the entire series is crooked cop, Richard Nixon. And it seems, Nixon is involved with all history's bad guys! 

Teaming up with Phat Abe are these other historical characters:

George Washington, the Chief of Police, JFK is an undercover pimp, Nixon's dimwitted sidekick, Gerald Ford, and his sometime partner, Dwight D. Eisenhower. 

Franklin Roosevelt is a detective and Phat Abe's best friend, and Ulysses S. Grant, an ex-cop who's a happy drunk, but insanely violent when sober. 

Along with Mary Todd, William Henry Harrison, Ronnie Reagan, Marilyn Monroe, Linda Lovelace, Burt Reynolds, and the one and only, Elvis, the pages are filled with wild historic characters, cool cars, and absurd situations!  

The stories are all told by the pimpest pimp of them all, and Phat Abe's main man, Big Mo T, along with three sexy ladies, LaVeetra, CeeAlice, VieAggra.  Also know as "The Phat Chicks."  

Issue #1 is a 25-page book, the first, of an eight-part Jefferson Davis/John Wilkes Booth story arc. 

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