Mark's Latest Projects


Seaside Chase - one-hour action comedy pilot 

Chase Manhattan is an overly confident down and out actor, who would rather talk than fight, that uses his acting skills, stuntman experience, and knowledge from past roles, along with his dysfunctional family, to solve cases as a P.I. working out of his rundown 60s Venice Beach motel, The Seaside Inn.

Seaside Chase is a fast-moving action comedy full of mysteries and cons. It’s about an ex-actor-turned-private-investigator named Chase Manhattan who would rather talk than fight and charm information out of someone as beat it out of them.  Or maybe just act out characters in elaborate cons.  A long time talented actor, he’d rather hang out drinking beer than work, but acting isn’t work to him.  He isn't a coward; he isn't lazy--just a bit on the laid-back side enjoying life way too much to worry about all the problems he has.  Besides, worrying is a downer and this kind of work keeps his acting chops sharp while he waits for that one great comeback role.  

Usually Private Detectives have backgrounds in the military or police force and would draw on those experiences.  Chase does it that way, too, except his experience is all an act, literally.  The skills he learned as the star of "Two Days In Morocco," "South By North," and "The Fat Man Sings," are the same as any private good eye - bullshit and attitude.   Chase is a man’s man - handsome, and strong, - a guy who can fit-in with the rich and beautiful, or hustlers and con men.  He can be Joe Six pack, Joe Cool, or Jo’mamma.  He’s a born pretender.  There’s no role he cannot or will not play.  It’s real life that baffles him, along with multiple ex-wives, girlfriends, and his kids.  He gets by being whoever he needs to be, as long as it’s not himself.  Sure, he’d rather be acting, but Hollywood isn’t exactly knocking down his door begging for his comeback.  But acting is acting.  It’s what he does. 

Other PI's have a friend on the police force that gladly do favors, access records, whatever they need.  Chase's friend on the force is more like a “frenemy.”  You see, his oldest son from his first marriage, Tony Roberts is a detective with the Los Angeles police department.  And Tony hates Chase so much he uses his mother's maiden name.  He sees Chase as a low life not worth the time of day - but Tony begrudgingly relinquishes information or gets conned out of it.  He even sends desperate people in search of help his father’s way.  Chase constantly works to earn his son’s approval, approval that he will never get.

This funny “Rockford Files.” meets “Fall Guy” plays out dysfunctional quirky family/friendship dynamics, while pulling off cons, set ups, and stunt gags to find clues and solve cases for people who always seem a bit short on cash.  But it gives cause to celebrate another day in the life of actor turned P.I., Chase Manhattan.   

Big Phat Abe Lincoln Comic Book, is the first comic in what we hope will be a series of books. Set in the `70s the story follows the adventures of Phat Abe and a bunch of dead presidents as LA cops chasing history's bad guys.

The comic is a full color '70's blacksploitation satirical mini-series that delivers historical facts with a sardonic twist and comedic flare. It’s an over the top spoof of cheesy '70’s cop shows and films. 

Lincoln’s foil throughout the entire series is crooked cop, Richard Nixon. And it seems, Nixon is involved with all history's bad guys!  Franklin Roosevelt, Ulysses S. Grant, Mary Todd, William Henry Harrison, Ronnie Reagan and his monkey, Marilyn Monroe, Linda Lovelace, Burt Reynolds, and the one and only, Elvis, fill the pages in wild stories, cool cars, and absurd situations!   


"A Girl & Her Dog," is a romantic comedy about a girl who has her heart broken so many times that she asks her best friend, Bud, her dog, to stop her from falling in love again.  When she meets the man of her dreams, Bud does anything and everything to prevent the relationship.  It's "Cyrus" meets "Marley and Me."

"Hard Up," is a broad comedy about a fast talking sex obsessed salesman that goes to sexaholics anonymous to stop screwing 1s & 2’s.  But when he starts dating a 10, he stops having sex, loses his job, his confidence and his mojo.  With the help of his sex addict buddies he learns it’s not about a woman’s number, it’s about finding the right one.

“Joker & The Thief," an Austin Film Festival Screenplay Semi-Finalist, is a buddy comedy about a burnt out petty thief who mentors the smartass son of a Vegas mob boss’ mistress in order to save his life. Together they meet a wannabe stripper, bungle a heist, and wind up being chased by Chinese Triads, a psycho assassin couple, and the Lesbian Mafia on their way to screwing the mobster who forced them together.

Other screenplays include, “The Last Gunfight”, a saga reminiscent of a John Ford western, and “Beyond The Mist,” an animated faerie tale filled with Leprechauns, Trolls, and shape-shifting pookas! 


“BIG PHAT ABE LINCOLN” – half-hour animated comedy   

Abe Lincoln and a bunch of ex-presidents are hip-hop cops in LA dealing with history’s bad guys.

Phat Abe, think Lincoln built like fat Elvis with Samuel L. Jackson’s kick ass persona, is a Vic Mackey meets Dirty Harry character plowing through bad guys in an irreverent South Park way.  He’s a straight shooter who likes takin' out the trash which brings every politician, commander, and bureaucrat down on him for being politically incorrect.  But Phat Abe don't play that!  If you're dirty he’d sooner shoot ya than look at ya!  

He’s a tough LA cop who’s always on the wrong side of what his boss, Police Chief George Washington, thinks is the right way to do things. While Phat Abe goes through partners like Snoop Dogg goes through dime bags, Washington does his best to keep him strapped with new ones.   Lincoln’s foil throughout the series is crooked cop Richard Nixon and his dimwitted sidekick Gerald Ford.

The show is an animated blacksploitation spoof similar to the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” video that plays like a historical version of Fractured Fairy Tales delivering obscure facts with a sardonic twist. It’s an over the top melodramatic SHIELD mixed with every cheesy ‘70’s cop show.

Teaming up with Phat Abe are these historical characters: JFK is an undercover pimp, 1950's Richard Nixon is a crooked cop, along with his dimwitted sidekick, Gerald Ford, Franklin Roosevelt is a 70's "superfly" detective, and Ulysses S. Grant, a drunk ex-cop who's insanely violent when sober.

Each week they battle villains like Jefferson Davis who's splitting LA into North & South and selling everybody into sex slavery; or Fidel Castro, Mao Tse Tung, even Mussolini, the pasta stealing goomba!

But history's bad guys are no match for Big Phat Abe Lincoln!  He ain't no Politian until he's outta ammunition!  He dispenses his own style of justice one punk at a time because… NOBODY PHUNKS WITH HIS TOWN!

MUSIC is the third dimension to the characters and animation.  A new smash up of the best 60's & 70's Rock, and Motown super-collided with the raw energy and attitude of the 90's hip-hop & rap!

“LIFE AS A ROCK STAR” – one hour dramedy
A Grammy winning songwriter at the age of 19, the 38 year old Michael Christopher, “MC,” TUCKER spent the last 19 years trying to do it again.  Now MC, a lead guitar player in his umpteenth band in L.A., is forced by family circumstances to return to his small southern hometown.   Staying with his neurotic co-dependent mother and his estranged dying father who disowned him, MC struggles with his past to free himself for success, as both a musician and a person. 

Talent’s never been the issue - MC’s problem is unattainable success.  If it weren’t for the demons that haunt him the stories buried inside him would fill his life with achievement and his shelves with Grammys.   He tells them, from time to time, but he has yet to finish writing any of them. 

Each week MC’s life, revealed with flashbacks (al la LOST), illustrates how he was affected by so many people and demonstrates how each incident, big or small, shaped the person he’s become.  Little does he know it, but his long road to redemption means dealing with the issues that derailed him right there in the same house where it all began and his life’s questions are examined from all angles in, LIFE AS OF A ROCK STAR.

“CHOP SHOPPERS” – half-hour comedy

Chop Shoppers is an edgy, irreverent dark comedy set in the mortgage business at its peak in 2004.  Three scheming college students, always in over their heads, quickly realize their savvy-by-nature ways are the perfect ingredient for making money in an industry where the dollars are there for the taking.  

Hungry for the good life, their addiction to “life in the fast lane” rapidly turns innocence into greed.  Soon they cannot make enough money or spend enough!  Their recklessness ironically catapults them from rags to riches seemingly overnight and turns them into local celebrities.  Thrust into the circles of the social elite, on and off campus, they quickly realize you don’t need to be a movie star to party like one!

“EL CENTRO” one hour crime drama

El Centro, California - the borderland between US/Mexico explodes with violence and killing everyday.  ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement) out-manned and outgunned has to bend the rules - hell - break the rules to stop the criminals.  It’s a daily battle fighting the illegal movement of drugs, people and weapons across the border; attacking and dismantling the criminal organizations and violent gangs like the MS-13.  In comes Ex-Chicago Det. Jack Bishop lured by the action, power and comradery he seeks, but this is not the best place to keep his fractured family together.

“WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!” - half-hour comedy

Terrible relationships, horrible choices, and just plain bad judgment plague six friends, three men-three women, at crucial junctions in their lives.  15 years down their career road, in today's economy, they're not where they thought they’d be.  With age comes wisdom, but not when each decision leaves you asking, “What The Hell Happened?!”

"SEASIDE CHASE" - one hour action comedy

A down and out former child actor, teen heartthrob and faded movie star, CHASE MANHATTAN, uses his acting abilities, stuntman experience, knowledge gained preparing for past roles, and the rest of his family to solve cases while working out of a rundown 60’s Venice Beach motel, The Seaside Inn.


“THE MANY WORLDS OF JOE” - comedy series

 JOE is a love sick slacker who travels to multiple parallel universes with the help of his gang of geeky friends in a desperate attempt to find a world where his lying cheating girlfriend, KATIE is capable of loving him.  

Each episode Joe appears in multiple parallel universes discovering who his friends are in each world as he struggles to find the “one” Katie.   The comedy is driven by the strong, distinctive characters in each new world they inhabit like “Gaytopia,” a perfect world where everyone’s gay, another where Joe’s in the midst of an intervention and his stoner friend is the bible thumper leading it, and a world where Katie’s a man.  Along the way Joe learns what really matters, friends.   

“THE SUPERMARKET” - half-hour comedy

The daily lives of employees in a small town rural community as they deal with dissatisfied customers, overbearing management and nit-witted co-workers.  When they aren’t trying to screw each other over, they literally screw one another in a vain attempt to get ahead in this blue collar office comedy with workers who make Kevin Federline seem sophisticated.