LIFE AS A ROCK STAR is “This Is Us” meets “Nashville.”  It’s a one-hour dramedy examining the life of one broken man’s struggle to fix himself on his road to redemption back where it all started, at his childhood home with his dysfunctional family teaching music to grade school kids on his never ending road to Rock Stardom. 

Like life, it's happy times and bad times, but this time MC plans to get it right.  

Michael Christopher Tucker, “MC” to his friends, lifelong struggle is not to be a musician.  That comes easy to him.  His struggle is to deal with the past to free him for success.  Forced to marry his 21 year-old pregnant girlfriend at the age of 16, MC was happy to do it.  It provided a means of escape his abusive alcoholic father and cold distant mother.  Not realizing he was jumping from the frying pan into the fire, MC's four year marriage was horrific for him, but provided him with two beautiful children that he loves dearly. 

Now At 38 he’s a guitar player in his umpteenth band.  MC’s got talent…real talent.  He’s a songwriter, Grammy winning songwriter, at the age of 19, but the success he craved never came.  He could write, if it weren’t for his demons.  There are stories buried inside him that would make great songs.  He tells them, from time to time, but he has yet to write them.  His life seems to have slipped down a path becoming less and less what he wants it to be.  He must reconcile his past to save his future as he lives life one day at a time.

Almost four decades of family dynamics are covered with flashbacks to demonstrate who Michael Christopher Tucker, “MC” is and why he is that way.  Through his pain and suffering, the good times and bad, LIFE AS A ROCK STAR matches effects with cause to illustrate how MC’s life is affected by so many people and things both big and small and how that has shaped his life. 

You never fully grasp the affect people and events have on your life.  How one affects another later in life and that affects your reaction down life’s road and so on and so on, like dominoes across your life’s span.  If your father had waited for you once, would that have changed who you are now?  Would you be more successful because of it? 

These are some of life’s questions examined from all angles in LIFE AS A ROCK STAR.