Many Worlds of Joe

“The Many Worlds of Joe”

Mini-sodes by The Mark Turner


 A guy is so in love with his girlfriend he travels to multiple parallel universes trying to find one where she’s not screwed up.


The Many Worlds of Joe” is a continuing comedic mini-sode series about Joe and a group of slackers who discover the existence of parallel universes.   Joe travels from universe to universe in a desperate attempt to find any universe where his girlfriend isn’t messed up and capable of loving him the way he loves her!

It’s “Sliders” meets “Clerks” in small 7 to 8 minute doses bouncing from universe to universe faster than geeks go through comic books.   

Each minute episode revolves around lovesick Joe’s struggle to get Katie.   Comic moments abound when Joe appears in multiple parallel universes and discovers who his friends are in each world.  The comedy is driven by the strong, distinctive characters in the worlds they inhabit.  Anything is possible, opening the door to being as far out as imagination can take us. 

The Many Worlds of Joe”, is infinite.

The episodes are self-contained, similar to a television series, with an opening title sequence, a “recap” of pertinent information and a “next on,” so that each individual episode can be viewed in any order.  And, because of the short production cycle, the episodes can be topical by responding to online trends or demands.  This approach employs the best traits of web-based content: short, easily digestible, and relevant.

How the Universes Work:

Quantum Physic’s “Many Worlds Theory” states that every decision you make spins off parallel universes that play out every outcome of all the decisions you didn’t make.  They float around us like soap bubbles, but in another dimension invisible to us.   Universes where the impossible is probable; like the Nazi's ruling the world because they killed Hitler and won WWII...or Elvis still playing Vegas. 

Various worlds where some wars never happened while others we never imagined did; even a universe where you’re dead.  As mind boggling as it sounds anything that can happen has happened in some other universe.  And they’re out there floating all around us.  Just ask Joe!   

The Players:

JOE, a hapless twenty-nine year old slacker mired in the family business, unemployment.  He’s less of a nerd and more of a man than his friends, but not by much.  However, it’s enough that they look up to him.  Joe’s favorite pastime is playing video games and sarcastically comparing his woes to his best friend, Willy’s.  Oh, and Joe hates pot.   Always has, always will.  At least in this universe.

 Although he aimlessly meanders through his world like a bum looking for a handout, Joe’s trying to live life with as much gusto as a slacker can muster, or just get laid.  But he’s not even close.  Oh, he’s found love, that’s not the problem.  He’s obsessed with his girlfriend, Katie.  And it’s driving his friends crazy!  Talk about unrequited love!  If Joe’s love was a bear it’d be a grizzly!  But Katie’s more like the Park Ranger keeping it caged and poking it with a stick! 

 KATIE is HOT, too hot for Joe, but her heart is as cold as a Penguin’s bum.  Well, that is if she had one.  Rumor is she doesn’t.  Katie’s a people user and Joe’s her favorite toy.  Sexy, sultry, and those are just two of the tools in her arsenal.  She’s controlling, manipulative, sarcastic, and more of a man in this universe than Joe.  With a taste for forbidden fruit in the form of an old unattractive lesbian, Katie possesses a ho-hum attitude about annihilating Joe’s feelings.  She wants him, but not really, until she can’t have him.  Then she wants him.  But only until she gets him.  You see how this works?

 WILLY LEE, Joe’s best friend since first grade, is a thirty-year-old tee-shirt wearing Asian comic bookstore geek with a degree in Quantum Mechanics.  Willy’s lived in his mother’s basement since his father abandoned them when he was five.  Buried in the basement along with a gazillion comics, is a secret Willy’s told no one.  His last name is Wong.  That’s right, Willy Wong.  Who would want a name like that?  Not Willy.  He may be thirty, but he’s still pissed at his father, so “Wong” means “dick” in more ways than one to Willy.

 LUCY is a sardonic thirty-year-old tomboy who’d be hot if she cared, but she doesn’t.  Why she hangs out with these guys only she knows.  Well, we know, too.  She’s got the same slacker drive, and love of comics.  That’s why she works in the comic book store with Willy.  Oh, and she’s secretly got a thing for Joe.  But she’d never let anyone know.  It’s not how she’s wired.

She loves being “one of the guys,” with these guys.  She gets them and they treat her like a one of their own.  Not just some chick.  Not that any of these guys would know what to do with her if they could get her.  As a woman, I mean.  But she’d love nothing more to beat some self respect into Joe’s thick skull, so he’d see how great she is and want to be with her as woman. 

 SAM is a Shakespeare obsessed bong sucking pothead who never leaves Willy’s sofa.  Similar to Grandma Burley’s knitted afghan.  Perpetually stoned, Sam is usually confused, laughing, or totally right on point.  Although he continually botches seemingly unrelated Shakespeare quotes, there’s much to Sam no one can see.  You’d have to suck the bong resin out of his head to find it, but deep inside him lies the misunderstood aching heart of a poet.   

SUE, Katie’s fifty-something blond lesbian infatuation who makes Amy Sedaris look young and beautiful, is Katie’s latest “exploitation”.  Why?  Who knows, it’s kind of repulsive, but that’s Katie.  She’s hot enough to burn your retinas, but revels in manipulation of losers.   Sue works with Katie and pants after her like a school over his first Playboy.  She’s old enough to know better, but her desire to possess Katie overrides all her common sense. 


 These are Joe’s stories, parables if you will, about what happens when a lovesick slacker discovers the key to entering parallel universes.  Then with the help of his friends in each universe, same friends - different personalities, Joe’s sent from one world to another.  What does that do to a guy like Joe?

In the beginning it’s a quest to find a universe where Joe’s “soulmate,” Katie, loves him the way he loves her. 

But soon Joe sees how success has changed his “friends” in their parallel universes, or how not smoking pot makes Sam a bigger douche than he was as a stoner.  Somehow things are really f’d up in every universe and soon Joe learns what’s really important to him; the true friends he left behind.  He misses the original Willy, Sam and Lucy, as he travels from universe to universe with a punch to the nuts by their parallel personalities trying to get back home.   

The First Five Episodes:

After Joe finds the girl he believes to be his soulmate, KATIE, in bed with her lesbian friend, SUE, he turns to his slacker friends for help.  They get him to parallel universes where Joe sees how their lives played out as well as, Katie’s.  The multiples of Willy, Sam and Lucy aid Joe in and out of many worlds as he tries to find one where Katie is capable of loving him the way he loves her.  But Joe discovers it’s easier to go from universe to universe than to find THAT girl. 

And how does dope hating Joe get out of the universe where Sam is a bible totin’ Interventionist who wants to put him in padded detox cell to get him off “the marijuana?” 

What does he do when he winds up in a universe where Katie is a dude?

And how does Joe react when he discovers his best bud, Willy, is no longer an unsuccessful slacker comic book geek, but an uptight Quantum Mechanics Professor married to Sam who’s a Shakespeare hating flaming theater teacher in a “Gaytopia” universe? 

Will Joe learn anything in his adventures into his many worlds?

The Ongoing Possibilities:

How about a universe where Joe’s married to Lucy and she’s a Jewish member of the reigning Nazi party?

How do Joe and his parallel friends handle it when Joe reappears after his death?

How does Joe get out of a universe where all his friends are sooo stoned they are useless for any act of dexterity?

Will Joe give up before he finds a universe where Katie is not screwed up?

If so, how will he ever get through the infinite parallel universes and back to his own?

What's Unique About The Many Worlds of Joe:

There was Quantum Leap, Sliders, and various other sci-fi shows, but this is the first time anyone travels across multiple universes in search of love!  It is love that makes the world go round, and in Joe’s case it allows him to see something no one else has ever seen; how all other possibilities played out.

But this is not time travel or worm holes, this is real quantum physics and what happens when the Many Worlds theory becomes real.

Who Does It Appeal To :

 Slackers, comic book geeks, smart guys, dumb guys, the same audience who watches South Park, Family Guy, and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.  The ones who go to the internet to watch what they crave. 

 The female roles in The Many Worlds of Joe, are strong, intelligent, and realistic, letting women who hang out with dudes see their story, too.   And it’s about love.

What People Are Saying About The Many Worlds of Joe

“[The Many Worlds of Joe, is] the first real romantic comedy for the slacker generation”. 

“It rings true…if you could travel to a parallel universe with a shot to the nads!”

“Truly clever…perfect for the internet.” 

“Funny.  Wish I could go to my other worlds.”

“Lucy is da’bomb!”

“It’s so realistic.”    

“I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

“Love it.  Give me more of Joe!  Yum!”