Last page of "Sex Slaves, Yo!" pencil sketch, penciled page, color finished page


Abe Lincoln and a bunch of dead presidents are cops in LA dealing with history’s bad guys.

The Comic:

The comic is a full color 70s blacksploitation satirical mini-series that delivers historical facts with a sardonic twist and comedic flare.  It’s an over the top spoof of cheesy 70s cop shows and films.

Phat Abe, think Lincoln built like fat Elvis in a Dirty Harry meets Samuel L. Jackson persona, plowing through bad guys in an irreverent way.  He’s a straight shooter who likes takin' out the trash which brings every politician, commander, and bureaucrat down on him.  But Phat Abe don't play that!  If you're dirty he’d sooner shoot ya than look at ya!  

Phat Abe is a tough LA cop who’s always on the wrong side of what his boss, Police Chief George Washington, thinks is the right way to do things. While Phat goes through partners like Snoop Dogg goes through dime bags, Washington does his best to keep him strapped with new ones.   Lincoln’s foil throughout the entire series is crooked cop, Richard Nixon.  Nixon seems to be involved with all the bad guys. 

But history's bad guys, nor Richard Nixon, are a match for Big Phat Abe Lincoln!  He ain't no Politician until he's outta ammunition!  Phat Abe dispenses his own style of justice one punk at a time because… NOBODY PHUNKS WITH HIS TOWN!

Teaming up with Phat Abe are these other historical characters:

George Washington, the Chief of Police, JFK is an undercover pimp, Richard Nixon is a crooked cop, along with his dimwitted sidekick, Gerald Ford. 

Franklin Roosevelt is a detective and Phat Abe's best friend, and Ulysses S. Grant, an ex-cop who's a happy drunk, but insanely violent when sober. 

Along with Mary Todd, William Henry Harrison, Ronnie Reagan, Marilyn Monroe, Linda Lovelace, Burt Reynolds, and the one and only, Elvis, the book is filled with wild historic characters. 

The stories are all told by the pimpest pimp of them all, and Phat Abe's main man, Big Mo T, along with three sexy ladies, Farrah, Ginger & Foxy Pam G.  Also know as "The Phat Chicks."  

What Sets It Apart & The Target Audience:

While there are other "alternate history" comics out there, such as Manhattan Projects and Manifest Destiny, what sets Big Phat Abe Lincoln apart is the combination of that aspect with blacksploitation elements.  Blacksploitation fans will love the homage to that genre, while fans of Hip-Hop will love the references to the modern Hip-Hop culture. 

History buffs will get a kick out of the skewed versions of historical figures they know and the twisting of some of their actual quotes for which they are famous. 

Lastly, the comedy of the book will appeal to anyone who likes the sometimes absurd situations that arise.

Mark Turner - Creator/Writer:

A graduate of the University of Missouri at Columbia with a BA in T.V. & Film, Mark began his story telling career as an award winning photojournalist creating numerous award-winning narrative vignettes garnering record high ratings and winning a spot news Emmy. 

Then as an Animation Producer for the legendary Playhouse Pictures in Hollywood, Mark supervised the production of commercials from concept to air, writing and preparing scripts and storyboards for a number of animated projects. 

Always working to hone his craft, Mark was part of the television writing program at AFI (American Film Institute) and the screenwriting program at UCLA Extension.   For years, Mark wrote and performed stand-up comedy, before training in Sheree Guitar's sitcom writers room workshops creating spec scripts, pitching, breaking stories, and punching-up material. 

Mark's scripts and films have been in numerous Film Festivals around the country including the Austin Film Festival Screenplay competition. 

He’s written numerous television pitches including pitches for Disney Television Animation, and Johnny Depp's company, Infinitum Nihil, where he works with development executives creating original material. 

Big Phat Abe Lincoln is Mark's first comic book.