Big Phat Abe Lincoln Gettsyburg/Shaft Trailer




Abe Lincoln and a bunch of ex-presidents are hip-hop cops in LA.  The show is an animated spoof similar to the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” video that plays like a historical version of Fractured Fairy Tales delivering obscure facts with a sardonic twist. It’s an over the top melodramatic SHIELD mixed with every cheesy ‘70’s cop show if it were told by a BET version of the History Channel! 


Phat Abe, think Lincoln built like fat Elvis, but with Samuel L. Jackson’s persona, is a Vic Mackey meets Dirty Harry character plowing through bad guys in an irreverent South Park way.  He’s a straight shooter who likes takin' out the trash which brings every politician, commander, and bureaucrat down on him for being politically incorrect.  But Phat Abe don't play that!  If you're dirty he’d sooner shoot ya than look at ya!  


He’s a tough LA cop who’s always on the wrong side of what his boss, Police Chief George Washington, thinks is the right way to do things. While Phat Abe goes through partners like Snoop Dogg goes through dime bags, Washington does his best to keep him strapped with new ones.   Lincoln’s foil throughout the series is crooked cop Richard Nixon and his dimwitted sidekick Gerald Ford.


Each week, Big Phat Abe Lincoln deals with history’s bad guys dispensing his own style of justice one punk at a time because…